Ice and Snow Can Damage Your Home. Do You Have the Right Coverage?

This nasty winter has left a slew of damage in its wake, and it seems like it may never end. You may be wondering if you have appropriate insurance coverage if winter snow and ice damage your home. Coverage for winter storm damage depends on the type of homeowners insurance policy you have and the

Be Prepared For Winter Driving And Other Auto Insurance Tips

Slip, sliding away. You certainly don't want to be singing the words to that Paul Simon song when you head out to work on a cold, wintry morning. Yet it's amazing just how many people do and get into a resulting accident as a consequence of their inability to drive on ice or snow. In spite of the

Tips for a Safe and Stress-Free Holiday Party

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without festive gatherings of friends, family and coworkers. Holiday parties should be joyous occasions with fun and enjoyment for all. When you host guests in your home, you need to be sure that your guests are enjoying themselves and that they are safe. If you

Keep Your Elderly Loved Ones Safe on the Road

As a person ages, reduced vision, delayed response time, hearing loss, even a stiff neck can dramatically impact driving ability and safety on the roadway. Take steps to protect your elderly loved ones. Protecting Your Loved Ones: Safety Tips for Senior Drivers If your parent, friend or other

Be Proactive in Protecting against Identity Theft

In the Information Age, it has become more important than ever to be proactive in protecting your identity against theft. Even minor identity theft can leave you feeling violated, can cost a great deal of money and can harm your credit rating. Protecting yourself against identity theft is very