What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance

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Whether you are a new driver or you are new to auto insurance, learning about how this form of protection can help you avoid paying significant costs following a damaging event is the first step in making the best decisions for you and your ride.

Nearly every state requires motorists to carry some form of auto insurance in order for motorists to legally operate their vehicles on public streets and highways. It’s important to ensure any auto insurance policy you buy complies with your state and local statutes.

Auto insurance can help pay for costs associated with: injuries you cause another driver or passenger (called bodily injury liability coverage); damage to property, including another car, truck or structure; medical payments coverage for injuries you or one of your passengers sustains; damages to your own vehicle if you carry collision coverage; and damages caused by fire, theft, vandalism, hail and other weather events if you carry comprehensive coverage.

At a minimum liability standard of $25,000 per bodily injury coverage, New York has a fairly average minimum. Considering the rising costs of medical care, however, it’s easy to see how carrying only the state minimum is most often not sufficient coverage to protect you from paying significant costs should you injure another motorist. Most states have not updated or increased their minimum standards in more than a decade.

The amount and type of coverage you need depends on a variety of factors. The more assets you have and income you earn, the more liability coverage you many need to protect yourself from lawsuits. The age and original cost of your vehicle will help determine if you require “full” or comprehensive coverage. The deductible (amount you are responsible for paying whenever you file a claim) you choose should be one that you could comfortably afford to pay. The amount of medical payments coverage you need should be factored with your medical insurance coverage in mind.

You may still have questions about auto insurance, and that’s where a knowledgeable, independent agent at Sutton Insurance can help. We can suggest coverage options best suited for you and your vehicle, find a number of policy quotes with a variety of features from a number of providers, and even assist you in filing a claim. Contact us to find out how you can obtain an auto insurance policy with the best coverage at the most affordable rates.

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