Homeowners Insurance

Home Insurance for Long Island Families

Our insurance agency has been helping individuals and families in Suffolk and Nassau counties since 1963. We understand the unique risks that Long Island home owners face. All of Long Island is considered a coastal area and homeowners here face a number of weather-related risks. We work with a network of highly rated insurance companies that provide the right coverage to address these risks. You can trust that we will shop and compare Long Island home insurance rates to find the best home insurance policy for everything from fixer-uppers and condominiums to rentals and mansions in the Hamptons.

Home Insurance Basics

While each policy varies based on specified limits, exclusions, insurance company and other factors, there are standard parts to every policy that home or condo owners should understand:

  • Property: Your policy will cover costs associated with damage caused to your home and any attached buildings. We will review with you the difference between purchase cost and replacement cost, as well as identify whether you need additional coverage for detached garages, sheds, gazebos and other structures.
  • Personal property: In general, you can be reimbursed for personal belongings that have been damaged or stolen. We suggest that you create an itemized list of your belongings together with photos or video proof in the event of a loss. Additionally, we often suggest extra protection for more valuable articles such as jewelry, gun collections, antiques and fine art.
  • Temporary housing: Should your home become uninhabitable due to a covered claim, your policy will provide a certain amount of financial assistance for temporary housing and any additional living costs.
  • General liability: If someone is injured while on your property, whether a welcomed visitor or a passerby, you can be held responsible for any resulting medical and legal costs. You may also be liable for damage caused to the property of others. The general liability protection will cover these costs, up to the limits in your policy. As these limits are easily exceeded due to high costs of litigation and medical bills, we will discuss whether you may benefit by purchasing an excess liability (umbrella) policy.

For renters who are seeking insurance, a renters insurance policy will cover the same items list above, except for the building itself, which would be covered under your landlord’s insurance policy.

Whether you are first-time home buyer looking for a home for your growing family or a seasoned buyer seeking a vacation home, we can help you identify the coverage you need so you can choose the right policy.

Second Homes on the Coast

From Oyster Bay to the Hamptons, Long Island offers some of the best coastal homes on the Atlantic. Home buyers from Manhattan to Los Angeles seek out our beaches for their vacation or seasonal homes. However, these home buyers do not see that these high-value homes often face greater risks than houses found within the heart of the island.

If you are seeking a second home in Long Island, turn to James F. Sutton Insurance. As a family agency that has been here for over 50 years, we have come to understand the types of protection that best covers these homes. We also believe that we can provide the most in service and value by offering to cover your cars, boats and other vehicles which allows you to take advantage of multi-policy discounts.

Windstorm and Flood Insurance

From Hurricane Gloria to Superstorm Sandy, the shores of Long Island have found themselves along the destructive path of numerous named storms over the years. These storms often cause severe flooding and other water damage that is not covered under a standard home insurance policy.

Protect yourself against nor’easters, hurricanes and windstorms. Speak to an agent at our Long Island office to learn about the flood insurance policies we have available so you can choose the right one to fit your risk exposures.

Turn to Our Family Today to Protect Yours

Contact our family owned agency today to get a quality home insurance policy that covers your property without emptying your pocketbook. We serve home owners, co-ops, condo owners and renters throughout Long Island from our central location in East Islip.