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Business Life Insurance a Smart Investment for Business Owners

Business owners must make smart investments to protect their livelihood, just like individuals. Our financial services team offers a variety of investment solutions for business owners, from comprehensive employee benefits programs that help protect your employees to life and disability insurance

HOA Insurance Protects Your Condo Property

Being a condo owner or director presents its own set of unique challenges and risks. This type of business hovers between the realms of apartments and that of the buying and selling of a strictly real estate standpoint. You need an insurance package that is custom tailored to your homeowners

Contractors Insurance Protects Your Business From a Variety of Risks

Contractors of all kinds need to carry some type of contractors insurance—either to comply with certain legal requirements or because they are required to by their customers. Examples of general contractors, contractors and subcontractors that typically need some type of contractors business

Finding Workers Compensation Insurance in New York

Virtually all New York employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance for all staff members, even part-time employees and family members who are employed by the company. Failure in obtaining workers compensation can result in a penalty of $2,000 per 10-day period of noncompliance,