Compensation Disclosure

James F. Sutton Agency, Ltd. is a New York based corporation licensed as an Insurance Agent and Broker by the New York State Department of Financial Services. As Insurance Agents and Brokers, we receive commissions and/or fees for assistance with the placement, servicing, claims handling, or renewal of your Insurance coverage. Other parties such as wholesale brokers and/or other similar parties may also receive compensation for their role in providing insurance products or services to you pursuant to their separate contracts with insurance or reinsurance carriers. We may receive and retain interest on premiums you pay to our agency from the date we receive them until the date the premiums are remitted to the insurance company or intermediary. It is possible that we may receive additional payments or allowances from insurers based on factors which are not client specific. These factors are based on profit or loss performance and the total volume of business placed by us with an insurer. We generally do not know if such additional payments or allowances will be made by a particular insurer, or the amount of any such additional payments, until the underwriting year is closed. We may also receive invitations to informational programs and promotional meetings that will include travel to another location that is sponsored and paid for by an insurance company. On rare occasions, an Insurance company or vendor may pay for meals in restaurants when we discuss their product offerings. As a client of James F. Sutton Agency, Ltd., you can ask us for a comparison of coverage and compensation from other Insurance companies from whom we received quotes.