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Many small business owners we talk to admit the main thing they need is the time required to successfully run their Long Island business. They don’t want to spend valuable time wondering about business insurance. Rather, they want to work with an experienced partner who offers sound advice that will ultimately help them manage the risks inherent to their business.

It may not be clear which types of business insurance are required for your operation. Artisan contractors, for example, may not own a physical building out of which they run their business, but they certainly own property that needs protecting. Condo associations face entirely different risks.

That is where you can count on James F. Sutton Agency to help you sift through the details and explain which coverage you may want to consider and which protection your business is required to own. We assist New York business owners throughout Long Island.

Types of Business Insurance

We know you take great pride in your business, whether it’s a restaurant in Brooklyn or an auto service shop in Bridgehampton. You take every reasonable precaution to eliminate hazards and protect your customers. We’ll help you identify the right protection to cover unforeseen risks.

While this list does not cover every type of business insurance, it provides a fairly through summary for your consideration:

  • Property Insurance: We will get to know your operation so we fully understand your property insurance needs, including any buildings, office furniture, machinery or other equipment you own. We provide enough information so you can understand the value of protecting against “all risks” versus trying to anticipate specific risks your business may face.
  • General Liability: We consider general liability to be the cornerstone of a business insurance package. It protects you from a host of risk exposures, including injuries and property damage at your place of business or other locations. We can help you find the right insurance for your particular business from a reputable insurance company you can trust.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: Required for most New York employers, workers comp protects both employers and employees in the event of a work-related illness or injury. We can help you manage costs by studying your payroll to ensure it is classified correctly and recommend risk management procedures that may reduce your business liability exposure.
  • Commercial Fleet: We can help you determine if you need to protect company cars, trucks or other vehicles, or if your business needs a policy that insures employees who drive their own vehicles. Just as with personal auto insurance, commercial vehicle insurance is vital for protecting drivers, passengers and your vehicles.
  • Cargo: You may have heard the terms ‘inland marine’ and ‘equipment floater’ and wondered how they relate to the tools and equipment that is transported from one location to another. They are used to describe coverage for a variety of cargo, including laptop computers and electronic equipment that may be an essential component to your business.
  • Employment Practices Liability: The last thing business owners want to encounter is claims of unfair employment practices or a lawsuit by disgruntled employees. Protect yourself against employment practices liability claims such as negligence, discrimination, harassment, benefits mismanagement, breach of contract and more.
  • Errors and Omissions: This professional liability insurance protection is virtually essential for professionals in an advising capacity, such as investment representatives, general contractors and architects. Errors and omissions, or E&O insurance, protects you if a mistake or oversight by you results in financial losses by a customer or client.
  • Umbrella Liability: This coverage protects over and above the liability limits your other business insurance may provide. For example, restaurant or retailer store owners may want to protect their business from a serious lawsuit. If a customer is injured on the premises, the liability limits may be exhausted. At that point the umbrella policy would kick in.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: Few business owners contemplate the possibility that anything could suspend their operation. As your insurance partner, we can help you find cost-effective protection so you are prepared for the unexpected.
  • Key Person Policies: Our agency is uniquely equipped to save you time and money by offering not just property and casualty insurance but life insurance as well. Our specialists can help you with business life insurance solutions such as key man life insurance, which will protect your operation in the event of the premature death of valuable executives.

Some sole proprietors or small businesses may find that a simple business owners policy (BOP) provides sufficient coverage. But in the many decades we have served business owners we have learned that tailoring a business insurance package to meet the unique needs of every business is the best solution.

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Contact our East Islip agency for questions about all your business insurance needs, including IT insurance and surety bonds. Our experienced agents can consult on your entire operation and provide competitive quotes on the variety of insurance solutions you may need, such as group plans and employee benefits.