Weather the Storm with Long Island Flood Insurance

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Life on Long Island is unlike anywhere else – the people, the food and the culture is unique to the area. Unfortunately, living on Long Island can also present some logistical problems, especially when severe weather hits. According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, New York edition, nearly 100,000 buildings in Nassau and Suffolk counties were flooded or destroyed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

While many of these property owners carried adequate coverage for their homes or their businesses, a large number were left wondering how they would cover the repair or replacement of their property. In many cases homeowners who experienced flooding were left without assistance as standard homeowners policies often do not provide coverage for damage after a flood. For these homeowners, the wait for federal assistance funds could be long and tenuous.

The unfortunate experiences of uninsured flood victims should provide a few sobering lessons to Long Island property owners. First, it is important to carry a homeowners policy that provides adequate protection for your home and belongings. Second, highly affordable coverage options, such as flood insurance, can prove to be an invaluable addition to any home protection plan.

Flood insurance is designed to help families rebuild their lives after a loss resulting from standing water caused by severe weather, pipe breaks and other events. While such a policy cannot replace the memories and family heirlooms lost in a flood, it can help with the many expenses related to rebuilding or repairing a home and replacing personal property like furniture, clothing, appliances and electronics. Flood coverage also provides financial assistance for temporary housing while home repairs are under way. Each of these benefits could prove to be the difference between overwhelming out-of-pocket expenses and a covered cost.

Was your home damaged by flooding during Hurricane Sandy? If so, was your homeowners insurance package up to the task of covering your losses? If it wasn’t, or if the tragic events of Hurricane Sandy have you doubting your insurance coverage, it is important to speak to an independent agent who knows the unique challenges associated with homeownership on Long Island.

After all, who better to offer advice on your flood insurance options than a fellow Long Island homeowner?

Source: Huffington Post, Hurricane Sandy Long Island: Report Says Storm Ruined 95,534 Buildings in Nassau, Suffolk Counties

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