Helping Long Island Recover from Hurricane Sandy

Category: Homeowners and Renters Insurance

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy left many families and business owners struggling to recover. From flooded homes to wind-damaged businesses, thousands of buildings across Long Island were impacted by Sandy’s ferocity. For many of these property owners, the recovery process will be long and arduous, and will likely contain a significant amount of frustration.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors
As Long Island property owners themselves, our agents were highly motivated to help the community address the devastation left in Sandy’s wake. From the moment the storm was over, we began the process of advising Long Island property owners on their insurance coverage and their rights to file claims for compensation for their damages.

Our impact on the situation was limited relative to the trauma and loss, yet we were able to assist our Long Island neighbors in a variety of ways:

• Timely advice: We made a comprehensive agency effort to provide timely advice to every client who sustained damage in Sandy’s path. By putting in long hours and committing to quick response times, we were able to help our clients obtain answers to pressing questions and gain as much peace of mind as possible in the aftermath of the storm.
• Honest guidance: Filing a claim after Sandy presented unique challenges. The sheer volume of claims being filed and the amount of damage being addressed overwhelmed many insurance providers. We worked carefully with all of our clients to help them gather all necessary information and to initiate the claims process as quickly as possible. For those with non-pressing losses, including cosmetic damage to their homes or businesses, we offered advice on the best time to file their claims for quick response from providers.
• Support with understanding: We lived through Sandy, just as our clients did. That experience and the imagery we saw after the storm allowed us to provide support that an agent located across the country simply could not match. We met with our clients, shared stories and answered questions. But, most importantly of all, we listened. We listened to our clients recount their tales of the storm, of the damage they incurred and the battle they faced to put their lives back together again.

Have you filed a claim for damage caused by Hurricane Sandy? Has your insurance provider responded? Share your claims experience in the comments section below.

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