Practice Boaters Safety to Fully Enjoy the Water

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Spending time on the water can be a great way to enjoy the Long Island area. The sun shining, the waves crashing and the sense of excitement offered by boating can all add up to a truly enjoyable day. Unfortunately, along with the enjoyment of boating comes a significant amount of danger; boating accidents are far too common and often result in serious injuries or loss of life.

Prepare for Your Day on the Water: Sunscreen, Life Jacket and Common Sense
To reduce the risk of an accident or boating injury, it is important to follow several key safety tips, including:

• Have floatation devices for all passengers: Boating laws may require that you have life preservers or floatation devices for every passenger on your boat. Even if this is not required, make the effort to protect your loved ones by investing in potentially life-saving life jackets or preservers.
• Maintain your vessel: Never operate a vessel with major mechanical issues. These problems may restrict your ability to avoid an accident.
• Never drink and operate a boat: Alcohol and boat operation are a dangerous, and illegal, combination. Never operate a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• Obey all posted signs and regulations: Familiarize yourself with all speed limit or wake restrictions in your area, and be sure to heed these guidelines at all times.
• Be aware of other boats in the area: Many boats and personal watercraft are capable of high speeds. At these high speeds, reaction time is reduced, making it important that you maintain awareness of all other craft in your area.
• Make sure operators are experienced: Children under 16 may be required to complete a boater safety course before operating a vessel. Even if such a course is not required, be sure that all operators are familiar with the mechanics of the vessel and all regulations regarding the water.
• Review your boat insurance every summer: Sometimes, despite your best precautions, boat accidents may be unavoidable. The risk of injury and damage associated with accidents makes it important to carry insurance on your boat. Review your policy often to be sure that you are as protected as possible against the costs of an accident or loss. 

Do you have boater safety tips to share with your Long Island neighbors? Post your advice in the comments section below.

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